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About Embryo

We are a Cape Town based Screen Printing Company, where we have been going at it for the past 20 years! We deliver fast and affordable screen printing, embroidery and CMT. Embryo is the one-stop-shop for all your patching , sowing etc needs!

Screen Printing

  • T-shirt and hat printing.
  • Metal, plastic, paper screen printing.
  • Big and small orders.
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  • Leather, wool, silk you name it!
  • Up to 400 Dots Per Inch!¬†
  • Precise¬†digitized¬†embroidery.
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Cut, Make and Trim

  • Fabric Sourcing.
  • Clothes Manufacturing.
  • Work-wear, fashion and sports brands.
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The Best in The Business

Here at Embryo Screen Printing we strive to deliver exceptional service and consistent quality prints. We love engaging with the community and supporting our local suppliers.

Exceptional Quality

Speedy Service

Affordable Prints


We can produce vast numbers of product in a short time
whilst keeping a consistent quality standard. Helping you
get your brand known

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“If you take away print and embroidery, you have to challenge yourself a bit more on the cut.”

Joseph Altuzarra

Fast, Affordable Printing